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Parduodamas su dokumentais Kaukazo aviganis

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Un Passo Avanti kennel of Caucasian Shepherds, have a puppies from champion parents:
Father: Uigur iz Stai Volkov (import Russia)
Mother:  Vizantija Un Passo Avanti
Pure Blood line wich comes from Russia, we have brought in Europe. We can arange shipping for a puppie to any destination in the world. More than a 10 years in breeding this breed, and wining at the most important speciality dog shows in Europe, made us very famous and proud at the same time. Our puppies are living in almoust every part of the world. 
More info about puppies and reservation you can get on contact.
Phone number/Viber/WhatsApp:  +381603754501

Facebook: Jelena Gvozdic



Veislė: Kaukazo aviganis
Amžius: 2 mėn.
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El. paštas:
Telefono nr.: 00381603754501


Kaukazo aviganis
Kaukazo aviganis
Kaukazo aviganis
Kaukazo aviganis
Kaukazo aviganis
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